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Wedding gown care instructions

You are on your way to pick up that precious wedding gown you have always dreamed of and you start thinking. Will the gown be okay in the car at the airport while I pick up Aunt Lulu and Uncle Rob? Including the care and transport of your wedding gown and accessories in your planning will eliminate a myriad of adverse woes.

Create a plan to care for your gown from the time you pick it up to the walk down the aisle.

With Just a Bit of Planning, Your Wedding Day Will Be a Delightful Event

  • Will you have to return your gown to the salon for pressing or find another?
  • Know the destinations of the gown; you may have to move your gown up to three times before the ceremony such as to your home, hotel or wedding venue. Ask the wedding venue how far in advance you can drop off your gown.
  • Check with management concerning availability and readiness of your room when getting ready at your hotel suite.
  • Pick a location to hang your gown where it will not be squished or stepped on, preferably with an area large enough to spread the train.
  • Protect your gown from fingers and paws if the pressed gown is to be taken home.
  • Empty the back seat and trunk of the vehicle you will use for transporting your gown. If using an SUV lay the back seat down or remove.
  • Travel with everything you will need on your wedding day! Do not check wedding items with your luggage on air flights. Ask, you may be able to get your gown hung in first class or pre-board. If you need to stow it in the overhead compartment, lay it across the tops of other travel bags not along side, these shift during take-off and landings.
  • Gowns packed in a plastic bag then placed into a zipper bridal bag have a better chance of arriving safely during long distance travel.


Picking Up the Gown

  • Pressing should take place three hours to twenty-four hours prior to pick up. (A damp gown will wrinkle.)
  • Check each layer of your petticoat to ensure it was pressed.
  • Confirm that the gown is securely hung on a hanger that will not break.
  • Hang the petticoat inside the gown to prevent wrinkles.
  • Transport gowns with full skirts and or trains in long heavy-guage bags, not the zipper bridal bags, to prevent unwanted wrinkles.
  • Bag veils separately in a light weight full-length long plastic cover. Do not folded over a narrow hanger.

Carrying and Loading

Throwing your neatly pressed gown over one arm is a no-no.

  • If you are tall, you are lucky; hold hanger in one hand and hold that hand straight up. Vertically impaired? With auto keys in-hand take the hanger in one hand and drape the gown front side up across the outstretched other arm.
  • Carry your gown from the hanger, with the front of the gown facing up, into the car from the passengers side across the rear seat and hang on the garment hook behind the drivers side. (The gown will lie on the seat.) This works best with two people. Fold the train at the hemline and drape onto the floor. Have an SUV, drag from tailgate to garment hook behind the drivers seat. (Driving safety issue.)
  • Hang the veil on top of the gown using the same process. Place the petticoat in the trunk or along side the gown in an SUV.
  • Arrange to have your gown re-pressed upon arrival when traveling to a destination wedding.

Getting Dressed — Avoiding Wrinkles and Spots

  • The moment has come for you to don your wedding attire; your hair and make-up are perfect, now where to start. With a little planning, you will glide down the aisle without wrinkles and spots.
  • Remember to wear a garment that wraps or has buttons for ease of removal when having your hair and make-up done.
  • Start with all undergarments include petticoat and shoes, often feet are hard to find under mounds of fluff.
  • Sliding your gown over your head will go smoothly and prevent wrinkles if you hold your hands above your head in a diving manner with elbows slightly bent to ad space to protect you face. If your headpiece and veil are in place, drop your hands behind your head to hold them firmly in place.
  • Wait for it: If you want this photo in your album, wait until after the event and just before you take off the gown to avoid wrinkles in your ceremony.
  • caring for wedding gowns
  • Allow the gown to drop to your waist and carefully pull the veil through then proceed to fasten the gown. When buttons are utilized, fasten the top hook or button; then continue closing the buttons from the bottom up.
  • Put jewelry on last to avoid losing or snagging your gown and veil.
  • Sit straight up and do not rest your hands in your lap while wearing your gown.
  • Sitting on a seat without a back and draping the train over the seat will lessen the possibility of wrinkles.
  • Bustling your train before the ceremony will cause set in wrinkles. Have an attendant carry the train for you; you deserve the pampering.
  • Smooch without touching; use Hollywood Starlet kisses.
  • Blot excess moisture from bridal bouquet just before photos and walk down the aisle.
  • Starving? Munch before putting on your gown.
  • Blot condensation on outside of drinking glasses and water bottles before taking that drink.

Emergency Wrinkle and Spot Removal

You made your plan, fluffed, blotted and protected yet the nightmare has occurred. Practicing the following techniques on other garments prior to your wedding day will have you completely prepared.

  • Have a good Emergency Bridal Kit available near by at all times (Purchase well in advance).
  • Remove shallow wrinkles with a hot hair dryer and or a hand steamer. Do not try to press or steam wrinkles away while bride is in her gown. HOLDING DRYER CLOSE TO FABRIC MAY CAUSE DAMAGE. DO NOT USE STEAM ON SILKS THEY WILL CRINKLE.
  • Dry press when using an iron. DO NOT ADD WATER INTO IRON. Use un-coated tissue paper or an un-textured cloth between the iron and fabric or press on backside of fabric.
  • Bring a professional cleaning solution (some liquid instant carpet cleaners work well) in a travel size spray bottle.
  • Wipe the spot with a soft absorbent cloth (a towel works well) in a circular motion from the center out, and then repeat from outer edge of spot to center.
  • Pat or blow-dry cleaned spots in a circular motion from the outer edge to the center to dry.
  • When all else fails, try concealing spots with white powder, fabric paint, chalk or white out.

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